Ritter Steel ® Battle-Ready Fantasy Swords
Ritter Steel is known as a brand that represents quality. Their sword replicas are functional and battle ready. The swords are manufactured using the same old techniques that were used since the ancient times. All the swords are hand-pounded and forged over hot charcoals. Ritter Steel offers a few very unique fantasy swords that should satisfy many sword collectors. The swords are very unique and one-of-the-kind and they cannot be found elsewhere. The swords come with sharpened edges. The Ritter Steel fantasy swords include swords such as the Firestalker Sword, the Knights of the Round Table Sword, the War Sword, the Warlord Sword, the Lord of Kings Sword, the Vampire Sword and the Sinbad Scimitar.

Spanish Toledo Decorative Fantasy Swords
The Spanish Toldo fantasy swords are made for decorative purposes. They also offer hight quality finish. The blades of the swords are nickel-plated and the hilts, handles and pommels of these swords offer intricate designs. These fantasy swords are the perfect decorative piece to display in your home or office. They can be displayed on a wall or on a sword stand. The Spanish Toledo fantasy swords include swords such as the Demon Slayer's sword, the Sorcerer's sword and the Sword of Power.

Battle Ready and Decorative Fantasy Swords
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